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Sunday, 28. December 2014 20:03
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m23 12.2 rock now supports CentOS!

Twitter article 2014-04-03 22:45

In m23 12.2 rock, CentOS 6.2 now complements the list of distributions which can be installed and administered with m23. The support for CentOS - like for Fedora14 and openSUSE 11.4 before - was implemented by using the halfSister extension. In addition to this, new features have been added to the halfSister API, the French help texts have been revised and the usual 'bits and pieces' have been added.

CentOS 6.2 is the first halfSister distribution which m23 can install on 32- as well as on 64-bit systems. The community distribution CentOS is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and is fully binary compatible to it. It is focused on stability and long-term support and (along with Debian) it constitutes a possibility when you need a system that can be employed in the long run.

Great thanks is due to Philippe Gaunet in this m23 version for the revision of the French m23 help texts and the improvements that have been incorporated into the other language versions.

The halfSister API was complemented by calls for changing user names and passwords. The hardware setup was adapted in such a way that it is now possible to install data partitions on a software RAID and to even allow an installation of some distributions on these. To simplify the development of the m23HSAdmin scripts for the different distributions, there is now the new tool, to check if all implementations have the same functional range.

Package search animation
Package search animation: Also available as YouTube video ;-)

Beside the important changes, there are, of course, also some less obvious improvements. For example, the mount points of partitions are now shown when the mouse pointer is hovering over the info icon. After the creation of a disk or partition image, the client will be shut down or re-booted, depending on its state before the creation of the image. During the search for packages, an animation is now shown and after completion of the search, the long package descriptions and the package sizes in MB are now listed for all distribtutions. Further changes concern the administration of the m23 administrators. Passwords can now contain any kind of character and after logout from m23, the index page of the m23 server is now shown automatically.

Only very rarely, a function is removed from m23, and until now, this fate only occured to outdated distributions which were no longer maintained. This version is an exception of that practice, as it deactivates the plugin interface and removes it from the menu. As far as it is known to us, this interface was never used. However, if there is someone among you who needs this function, now would be a good time to tell us ;-)

Now, let's talk about the bug-fixes: For Debian/Ubuntu, the main user and his/her password for an m23 client can now be changed. For the creation of an image, the necessary SSL certificates are now loaded to the m23 client and the SSH server dropbear is started. To make an immediate formatting possible for complicated partitioning situations, after every creation and deletion of a partition a number of tools are started that forward the changes made on the partition table to the kernel. In the update.php, a syntax error was eliminated, that had led to the problem of update information never being shown.

The latest version is available as update via the m23 interface, via APT, as ISO file to burn the m23 server installation CD or as pre-installed virtual machine (the last two can be found in the download section).

Have fun!

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new: CFDiskTest::nextTurn: Is
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testing turn. Chooses a disk for
testing, if there are more disks
nged: Checks if the logical
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